The beginning - The first neighborhood watch in Hartsdel was formed back in 1975. Membership was free and the lack of funds and volunteers to help contributed to the watch's early demise. The current Hartsdel Neighborhood Watch Association (HNWA) was organized in the spring of 1992 by Jasmin Alexander and Roy "Pete" Peterson, two residents with a dream of a safe neighborhood for all. The crime rate was rising and neighbors were afraid to walk out their front door or take evening walks. In December of 1993 they organized the Patrol. This was the key to keeping residents involved and the Neighborhood Watch going. The organization was incorporated in February 1997. Our patrol had a ten year anniversary December, 2003 and is still going strong.  Because of the Association and the dedication and persistence of the neighborhood patrol, we can now safely walk our streets. Our neighborhood is united, neighbors know and watch out for each other, and we will not allow our community to fall into the hands of criminals again!

The area covered is from S.E. 29th south to S.E. 44th, and from Bryant Avenue east to Sunnylane. There are 1,163 homes in this area as well as several businesses, two churches, an elementary school and a cemetery.

Our goals are to assist the Del City Police and Fire Departments; educate residents on home security measures; update residents on crime activity at our monthly meetings and though monthly newsletters; and, to beautify our neighborhood and surrounding area.

Membership is open to all residents (regardless of race, color or nationality) and all businesses in the area. This includes homeowners as well as renters. Yearly membership is only $12.00.

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. All officers (president, vice-president, treasurer, patrol captain, and secretary) are elected volunteers. Our patrollers are volunteers that donate their time, vehicles, gasoline and in most cases their own CB's, lights and other equipment. All patrollers and base unit operators are cleared by the Del City Police Department before they are allowed to patrol or run base units. We have district representatives, block captains, newsletter editors, a beautification committee, publicity committee, membership committee, bylaws committee, and auditing committee, and as well as other committees as required for special events.

Hartsdel was the first neighborhood watch to be organized in Del City. Because of our success, five other neighborhood watch organizations have been organized, making Del City one of the first in the nation to be 100% covered by neighborhood watch associations!

Join us today for a safer and more beautiful neighborhood tomorrow! You can make a difference!